Horse Care Plan- Explore Best Product for Grooming and Leg Protection

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Are you looking for the tips and tricks for basic horse care? If yes, then you’ll be delighted to discover everything you need to know about caring for a horse. The prudent insights are brought to you by one of the leading brands for horse care products in the United States, Barn & Stable which cover various aspects of grooming tools and leg protection. Caring for horses is daunting and pleasurable both at the same time, but only when you have the right tools. This is exactly where our business comes in handy for those riders that seek the best innovative product for their horses.

What You Can Choose For Horse Grooming?

A clean horse is a happy horse and if you are looking for the best product to keep your horse clean & bright, then these grooming tools should be your first priority to purchase. They are very useful for routine care and gently keep your horses in a comfortable and healthy condition. Our best products for horse grooming are:

  • Comfort Grip Hoof Pick with Brush- Ergonomically designed to be efficient in cleaning your horse’s hooves. The comfort grip pick comes in royal blue, red, purple, black, and hunter green. This pick is outfitted with a strong metal hook to efficiently remove even packed material and brush to remove small particles from around the frog.
  • Comfort Grip Massage Curry- Is a great product to gently loosen and remove hair. The product stimulates the skin to release oil; giving your horse a naturally great shine. Our Grip massage product comes in numerous color option which all includes- black, purple, royal blue, hunter green, and red.
  • Comfort Grip Dual Blade Shedding Tool- The famous durable tool serves the two purpose, i.e. shedding hair or removing water. Our grip dual blade shedding tool is ergonomically designed for easy handling and reduces fatigue. The build quality is sturdy and the blades are intelligently placed to be incredibly efficient. The product comes in royal blue, purple, red and hunter green.


What You Can Pick For Horse Leg Protection?

Horse leg protection becomes necessary to safeguard the joints and crucial ligaments. Whether you are training or participating in roping, barrel racing, endurance riding or out on the trail Barn and Stable vented sport boots fit the bill. Our line of ice therapy boots aid in recovery and reducing inflammation after workouts or injury. Any injury hurts your horse’s performance and cuts into your time together. That’s why riders need to take advantage of the products available thru Barn and Stable.

  • Barn & Stable Ice Boot Tendon- Designed to reduce the inflammation from injury and speed recovery following exercise. The gel ice pack conforms to the leg providing an optimal cooling effect and can be easily refreshed in the freezer or cooler.
  • Vented Sport Boots Set 4- Barn & Stable vented sports boots provide 360 degrees of protection to the lower leg. Being manufactured by using high grade neoprene, the vented sport boots provide the flexible support to crucial ligaments and joints of the lower leg.

All these are available at affordable prices. To discover more horse supplies, you may reach our dedicated online shopping platform,, or you may also find us on Amazon.

The quality, durability and innovative design of our product will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Horse Rider Guide To Protective Cases

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Do you know the benefits of having the saddle carry case or halter bridle case? Every horse rider preparing for the short or long trips understands the importance of protecting their equipment.

These cases really come in handy for safely transporting your tack from one place to another. For someone who likes to travel with their horse, having such cases to keep valuable saddles and bridles are essential.

Before you buy any saddle carry case, you need to make certain that you buy from the best source. An established company assures that you will receive best-in-class products which will provide long-term durability and value for money. This is exactly what makes Barn & Stable a trusted brand for superior horse care products. Barn & Stable was started to provide the equestrian with an industry leading and innovative line of horse care and protection products. Barn & Stable stands behind all of the products they offer.

Barn & Stable saddle carry case#100 is ergonomically designed to be efficient and effective at transporting and protecting your investment. The saddle case has two types of shoulder straps which allow you to carry your saddle in a way that is comfortable for you. It also has thick padding and smooth lining to provide the utmost protection for your saddle. The fully opening zipper makes loading even the largest saddle a snap. We are confident that the quality construction and attention to detail will surely surpass your expectations.

Barn & Stable halter bridle cases give you choices when transporting your tack. The # 160 case not only provides padded protection but also includes a convenient metal hanger with two swivel hooks outside. This allows you quickly place your tack within arm’s reach. Inside there are 3 nicely spaced hooks  and fully opening zipper that allow for quick placement and removal of bridle, halters, leads, lunge lines etc… The #150 case is an economical way to protect your tack. It is both spacious and attractive with three clips inside, fully opening zipper and padded flaps for added protection.

What Are Your Options For Protective Cases?

Our team understands the requirements of every rider and by carefully meeting the challenges; we bring you the extensive range of compact bags which makes travelling and protecting your tack simple and stress-free. Here are some of the best carry cases available at Barn & Stable.

  • Deluxe Saddle Carry Case #100- The case is designed with 600D outer shell and possesses heavy interior padding which safely transports and protects your saddle from damage.
  • Saddle Cover #106-If you are worried about scratches, dust & sun then Barn & Stable saddle cover will not disappoint you. Being manufactured from water-repellent 600D, this product ensures the complete protection from the dust, dirt, and sunlight.
  • Single/ Double Portable Saddle Rack #781 #782- A saddle rack helps keep your saddle case safe and in proper condition. The swivel hooks allow the rack to virtually be hung anywhere. Holes in the main frame also allow for permanent mounting in tack room or aisle.
  • Halter/Bridle case with rack #160- Made of 600D water repllent material this padded case protects your gear wherever you roam. The convenient hanger can be placed in trailer, as well as on fence or stall fronts. The fully opening zipper allows for easy access and front pocket holds accessories such as Chicago screws, leather laces, curb chains etc..
  • Halter/Bridle case #150- Made of 600D water repellent material this padded case keeps contents protected. This case is an economical way to protect your equipment. With fully opening zipper and 3 hangers with clips your gear will be organized and at the ready.

Find best quality horse supplies & riding accessories. Barn & Stable controls every facet of the product manufacturing. The rigorous quality supervision allows us to bring you the innovative line of qualitative products for horses on a continuous basis. Besides the cases, you can explore more creative products like grooming kits, leg protection, etc. from our platform

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Explore Good Quality Horse Care Products

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Find innovative and durable products for your horse care and protection. Barn and stable is the leading organization that ensures you the best-in-class equipment for your four-legged animal in many diverse ranges. On our website, you’ll find grooming tools for the horse, horse turnout blankets, horse scraper, portable saddle rack, and many more at a reasonable price.  The organization is entirely dedicated for horses and thrives to bring you good quality horse care products with extensive research; that you must have in your barn. Barn & stable are in the business for more than 2 decades and from the past 20 years, they have never disappointed any of the customers with their unique and highly valuable products. Each of the gadgets and equipment is ergonomically designed and gently serve the purpose in a best possible manner.

 Check out our infographic for more information! 

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Horse Hoof Pick- A Handy Tool To Clear Debris From Your Horse's Hooves

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Are you looking for the quality tool to pick out dirt and debris from your horse's hoof? You can find it at, which is the leading supplier for horse care products in USA. Our products are designed to serve the purpose efficiently and give the customer complete satisfaction.

Clearing a mud, dirt, rocks, and debris from your horse's hooves is very important to keep your horse hoof in a clean and healthy condition. This is where hoof pick comes in handy to get rid of debris that could damage your horse’s hooves. Benefits are:

• Regular cleaning removes dirt and reduces the chance of infection.
• Hoof picks, used as part of daily grooming, gets your horse used to having their legs handled. This is helpful when it comes to trimming, shoeing, clipping and applying wraps/boots.
• Daily cleaning can catch puncture wounds early so that they can be treated more effectively.
• Getting rid of dirt and debris keeps your horse comfortable and happy.

Why Choose ‘BarnandStable’ Hoof Pick?

The professionals at ‘Barn & Stable’ understand the concerns of horse people and are working everyday to provide you with innovative solutions to even the most basic problem. Barn and Stable has over 20-years of experience and controls every facet of manufacturing to provide you with reliable equipment at a competitive price.

For hoof pick, you can go for the comfort grip hoof pick with brush; available in black, royal blue, red and hunter green. Its key features are-

• Hoof Pick & Brush all in one tool.
• Ergonomically designed for cleaning hooves this pick is comfortable to use and is an effective tool to clean out the hoof.
• Manufactured by using the strong metal to ensure you can clean out even ice and rocks with ease. It also provides for long-term durability.

It’s time to get the right tools to make caring for your horse safe and effective. Simply reach us out at to find grooming tools/organizers, protective boots, therapy boots, gear bags and stable equipment.

Be sure to sign up for alerts as we will be adding many products in the coming months. Along with these alerts there will be many specials introducing these new products. Some will be old standards and many new ones with one thing in common “Quality Construction”.

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Smart Grooming Kits For Horses- Make Your Horse Look Beautiful

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A well-groomed horse is a good looking horse and to make your horses appear neat, we are presenting you the finest grooming tools (combs, brush, scraper). In USA, Barn and Stable is a renowned brand specifically dedicated to easing your horse caring. To fulfill this vision, they have introduced the innovative product-line at a remarkable price range. Since they’re in business from the past 20 years and control every facet of the product manufacturing, you’ll get the high-quality equipment for leg-protection, barns gears, grooming brushes and many more.

So What You Can Buy For Your Horse Grooming?

Good grooming is essential for your rugged horse as it greatly helps in avoiding skin problem, keeping them in the tidy & clean state, getting rid of dead skin & hair and besides all these, grooming also bestows a sheer pleasure after sweaty hard work. Here are some of the best comb and grooming products that are available at

Comfort Grip Mane and Tail Brush- Among horse owners, it is the best selling products in the USA and a must-have item in your barn. The products can be perfectly used for horse manes combs and horsetail comb brush. It is economically designed and gently removes the tangles and debris.

Comfort Grip Sweat Scraper- If you are looking for the quality tool to remove the sweat, then you must look forward to sweat scraper. The equipment is ergonomically designed to gently wear-off any sweat and water after bathing.

You can explore the array of horse grooming tools, caring kits, protection equipment and plenty more by visiting the horse-centric website, You’ll not be disappointed with the quality of our products.

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Experts Tips on Horse Care- How To Protect Horse Joint?

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Horses are meant to run, jump, spin, perform Eventing, trail riding and they are stronger enough to carry extra weight. Their zealous nature makes them prone to leg-injury; especially in case of a long ride where major stress is laid on the joint structures. Any type of injury, discomfort or illness greatly impacts on their performance. For this reason, it becomes necessary to bestow the extra care for your horses in a prominent manner.

Things You Can Buy To Protect Horse Joint

Hence, in order to keep your horse joint in tip-top condition, simply follow these advices. All these tips have been brought to you by the experts at the Barn and Stable, which is the dedicated organization to offer high-quality products for your horses. On their site, you’ll find everything from horse turnout blankets to hoof pick and grooming tool that indeed simplifies your caring effort.

Horse Leg Protection Boots- They are really useful in safeguarding the joints and protect against critical arthritic conditions. At, you will come across:

  • Barn & Stable Ice Boot Tendon and 
  • Vented Sports Boots Set 4 

Horse Turnout Blankets- Turnout blankets are highly valuable in protecting your horses from harsh winter. It provides the extra warmth and keeps your horse dry. These blankets are available in different color and sizes.

Saddle Bad- Horse leg Injuries also tend to happen when you are on a long-trail journey to the mountain or rocky area. An unbalanced-saddle makes every step risky and the risk of leg wound often rise. At Barn and Stable, you can choose a suitable saddlebag among:

  • Trail Saddle Bag 
  • Saddle Cover 
  • Deluxe Saddle Carry Case

 Each of Barn and Stable products simplifies your effort of utmost care for your horse. You can discover more fascinating. If you have a special order for your barn, then do reach us out immediately, We are fully capable to handle bulk orders.

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3 Must Have Item In Your Horse Kit List

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a new rider or the experienced rider; every single horseman has to maintain a ‘horse kit list’ before preparing for a long journey. In order to make certain that you en-route for a safe journey, we’ll be presenting you some key advice to pack the essential items. Our handpicked item is a good-fitting option for the rider and available on at a lucrative price.

1. Grooming Tools For Horse

Grooming not only keeps your horses in clam stage but also relaxes their muscles and tendons. It revitalizes and rejuvenates them for the longer trail. At Barn and Stable, we hold some of the best horse grooming collection-

• Comfort Grip Hoof Pick with Brush ($3.50)
• Grooming Organizer ($39.95)
• Mane and Tail Comb ($2.50)

2. Tendon Ice Boots

You probably have decided to ride in the mountainous or rocky region, and tendon ice boots really come in handy to protect horse ligaments from getting injured. The Barn & Stable ice boot tendon is available at $23.95 and ensures optimal cooling effect.

3. Turnout Blanket

Just like a human, even your horse needs the extra warmth, protection and comfort. Besides, they provide the excellent protection from winters biting wind. The turnout blankets are available in solid navy, solid red and solid dark brown color at just $119.95.

You may add more items to your list and for that; you have to explore our website. Barn and Stable is a dedicated organization to deliver the innovative product line. Our creative product is the foundation of 20 years of experience and we continuously hunt for fresh products that could ease your caring. Our products never disappoint customer in term of quality, durability and usage.

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Vented Sport Boots- A Professional Choice for Horse Leg Protection

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Are you looking for the vented sport boots for your horse leg protection? If yes, then you are at the right place. Barn and Stable is a specialized organization registered in New York (NY) and also supplies various high-quality horse equipment (like, horse bridle bag, blankets, gear bags, grooming tool, etc) from New York at a reasonable rate.

We are the foundation of 20 years of experience and our product line never disappointed any of our customers in terms of quality and durability. This happens because we control every aspect of the products (i.e. from manufacturing to finish good and delivery).

A vented horse sport boots provide the ultimate leg protection for your horses while trail riding. In earlier days, the horse’s legs were protected by bandage, but today, all sorts of specialized boots are used for the protection of the ligaments and tendons in their leg.

Here are the certain traits of having a vented sports boots for your horse:

  1. Helpful to guard against external knocks
  2. Safeguard the delicate leg structure
  3. Absolute protection against injury or wound
  4. Support and protect the lower leg
  5. Provide good ventilation
  6. Flexible support to the fetlock and crucial ligaments

At Barn and Stable, these sports boots for horses are available in Black, Purple, Royal Blue, Red and White
color. They come in a different size- small, medium and large; prepared from high-quality materials. If you wish to purchase optimal equipment for your horses at a competitive price, then do reach our website- You’ll be delighted by exploring our huge list of innovative and durable products that we deliver for your four-legged friends.

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Good Things To Keep Your Horse Safe & Healthy

Good Things To Keep Your Horse Safe & Healthy

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Horses are truly the magnificent creature living on this planet and they do require the same level of comfort just like humans. However, when it comes to providing the extra care and comfort to your horses, many of us get stumbled. This happened to countless of people, particularly when we don’t know what to do and from where to start.

But there are certainly two things that you can do to comfort your horse and that is Magnetic therapy and Leg protection. In the current day, they both are the prominent choice to keep your beloved animal in good physical shape.  By understanding their benefits, you’ll gain the better idea.

Advantages of magnetic therapy for horses

As per the experts, there is numerous health benefit associated with magnetic therapy such as:

  • Helps the body to energize and boost the rate of circulation.
  • Strengthening muscle and reduces swelling or stiffness.
  • They extremely help in healing the bones & joints and also beneficial to treat the chronic pain and invigorate.

Advantages of horse leg protection

Horses are capable to perform loads of aerial tricks like jumping, reining, eventing, dressage, riding and many more. Though they are fabulously designed for both speed and jumping, but sometimes their legs do require special attention.  The horse leg protection really comes in handy in multiple cases like:

  • Safeguarding bone, joint and tendon
  • Protecting muscle from strains and sprain, suspensory injuries, and splints
  • They are also helpful in protecting the lower legs and pasterns.

Now you must be thinking from where to buy, right? Barn & Stable is the dedicated organization in NJ that doesn’t disappoint customers in terms of quality. In 20 years, they have evolved from aspiration to inspiration and creating a streak of innovative & durable products for your four-legged animal.

Hence, if you are planning to have magnetic therapy or leg protection for your horses, then do reach out Barn & Stable.

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