3 Must Have Item In Your Horse Kit List

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a new rider or the experienced rider; every single horseman has to maintain a ‘horse kit list’ before preparing for a long journey. In order to make certain that you en-route for a safe journey, we’ll be presenting you some key advice to pack the essential items. Our handpicked item is a good-fitting option for the rider and available on BarnandStable.com at a lucrative price.

1. Grooming Tools For Horse

Grooming not only keeps your horses in clam stage but also relaxes their muscles and tendons. It revitalizes and rejuvenates them for the longer trail. At Barn and Stable, we hold some of the best horse grooming collection-

• Comfort Grip Hoof Pick with Brush ($3.50)
• Grooming Organizer ($39.95)
• Mane and Tail Comb ($2.50)

2. Tendon Ice Boots

You probably have decided to ride in the mountainous or rocky region, and tendon ice boots really come in handy to protect horse ligaments from getting injured. The Barn & Stable ice boot tendon is available at $23.95 and ensures optimal cooling effect.

3. Turnout Blanket

Just like a human, even your horse needs the extra warmth, protection and comfort. Besides, they provide the excellent protection from winters biting wind. The turnout blankets are available in solid navy, solid red and solid dark brown color at just $119.95.

You may add more items to your list and for that; you have to explore our website. Barn and Stable is a dedicated organization to deliver the innovative product line. Our creative product is the foundation of 20 years of experience and we continuously hunt for fresh products that could ease your caring. Our products never disappoint customer in term of quality, durability and usage.