Aim To Be a Smart Rider - Safety and Protective Tips While Riding Your Horse

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Horseback riding is certainly a thrilling sport but can be a dangerous one too if optimal measures are not taken when participating. Barn & Stable, a pioneering brand for western saddle carry bags and horse leg protection boots, has introduced safety tips and imperative protective gear that you must consider in advance while riding your horse.

Horse riding must involve awell-thought planwhere one must not neglect safety measures and protective equipment for your horse. In order to make your ride fun-filled and safe, here are the prudent safety tips and protective gear.

A helmet should be your foremost in your thoughts- Nothing should be more important than a helmet while riding. A helmet is an imperative piece of equipment that keeps your head safe while riding your horse.

Saddle Bag- Obviously, wherever you go, you will definitely prefer to take some necessary items with you for your own convenience. This is exactly where the saddle bag comes into play to align the items perfectly and keep them in arms reach.Items such as first aid kit, leather repair kit and pieces of replacement hardware are items to consider taking with you when hitting the trail.

Horse Protective Gear worth considering- Safety is equally important for your horse. A happy and healthy horse leads to a more enjoyable experience. Barn and Stable protective gear really comes in handy for reducing the severity of injuries. Some of the best selling items are:

  • Ice Boot Tendon
  • Vented Sport Boots Set 4

Find a simplified caring solution without compromising on quality- Barn & Stable is continuously evolving with innovative horse caring products and gives you the privilege to have the best gear for your bran and horses. To see them all, simply reach us at