Experts Tips on Horse Care- How To Protect Horse Joint?

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Horses are meant to run, jump, spin, perform Eventing, trail riding and they are stronger enough to carry extra weight. Their zealous nature makes them prone to leg-injury; especially in case of a long ride where major stress is laid on the joint structures. Any type of injury, discomfort or illness greatly impacts on their performance. For this reason, it becomes necessary to bestow the extra care for your horses in a prominent manner.

Things You Can Buy To Protect Horse Joint

Hence, in order to keep your horse joint in tip-top condition, simply follow these advices. All these tips have been brought to you by the experts at the Barn and Stable, which is the dedicated organization to offer high-quality products for your horses. On their site, you’ll find everything from horse turnout blankets to hoof pick and grooming tool that indeed simplifies your caring effort.

Horse Leg Protection Boots- They are really useful in safeguarding the joints and protect against critical arthritic conditions. At, you will come across:

  • Barn & Stable Ice Boot Tendon and 
  • Vented Sports Boots Set 4 

Horse Turnout Blankets- Turnout blankets are highly valuable in protecting your horses from harsh winter. It provides the extra warmth and keeps your horse dry. These blankets are available in different color and sizes.

Saddle Bad- Horse leg Injuries also tend to happen when you are on a long-trail journey to the mountain or rocky area. An unbalanced-saddle makes every step risky and the risk of leg wound often rise. At Barn and Stable, you can choose a suitable saddlebag among:

  • Trail Saddle Bag 
  • Saddle Cover 
  • Deluxe Saddle Carry Case

 Each of Barn and Stable products simplifies your effort of utmost care for your horse. You can discover more fascinating. If you have a special order for your barn, then do reach us out immediately, We are fully capable to handle bulk orders.