Horse Care Plan- Explore Best Product for Grooming and Leg Protection

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Are you looking for the tips and tricks for basic horse care? If yes, then you’ll be delighted to discover everything you need to know about caring for a horse. The prudent insights are brought to you by one of the leading brands for horse care products in the United States, Barn & Stable which cover various aspects of grooming tools and leg protection. Caring for horses is daunting and pleasurable both at the same time, but only when you have the right tools. This is exactly where our business comes in handy for those riders that seek the best innovative product for their horses.

What You Can Choose For Horse Grooming?

A clean horse is a happy horse and if you are looking for the best product to keep your horse clean & bright, then these grooming tools should be your first priority to purchase. They are very useful for routine care and gently keep your horses in a comfortable and healthy condition. Our best products for horse grooming are:

  • Comfort Grip Hoof Pick with Brush- Ergonomically designed to be efficient in cleaning your horse’s hooves. The comfort grip pick comes in royal blue, red, purple, black, and hunter green. This pick is outfitted with a strong metal hook to efficiently remove even packed material and brush to remove small particles from around the frog.
  • Comfort Grip Massage Curry- Is a great product to gently loosen and remove hair. The product stimulates the skin to release oil; giving your horse a naturally great shine. Our Grip massage product comes in numerous color option which all includes- black, purple, royal blue, hunter green, and red.
  • Comfort Grip Dual Blade Shedding Tool- The famous durable tool serves the two purpose, i.e. shedding hair or removing water. Our grip dual blade shedding tool is ergonomically designed for easy handling and reduces fatigue. The build quality is sturdy and the blades are intelligently placed to be incredibly efficient. The product comes in royal blue, purple, red and hunter green.


What You Can Pick For Horse Leg Protection?

Horse leg protection becomes necessary to safeguard the joints and crucial ligaments. Whether you are training or participating in roping, barrel racing, endurance riding or out on the trail Barn and Stable vented sport boots fit the bill. Our line of ice therapy boots aid in recovery and reducing inflammation after workouts or injury. Any injury hurts your horse’s performance and cuts into your time together. That’s why riders need to take advantage of the products available thru Barn and Stable.

  • Barn & Stable Ice Boot Tendon- Designed to reduce the inflammation from injury and speed recovery following exercise. The gel ice pack conforms to the leg providing an optimal cooling effect and can be easily refreshed in the freezer or cooler.
  • Vented Sport Boots Set 4- Barn & Stable vented sports boots provide 360 degrees of protection to the lower leg. Being manufactured by using high grade neoprene, the vented sport boots provide the flexible support to crucial ligaments and joints of the lower leg.

All these are available at affordable prices. To discover more horse supplies, you may reach our dedicated online shopping platform,, or you may also find us on Amazon.

The quality, durability and innovative design of our product will meet and exceed your expectations.