Horse Rider Guide To Protective Cases

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Do you know the benefits of having the saddle carry case or halter bridle case? Every horse rider preparing for the short or long trips understands the importance of protecting their equipment.

These cases really come in handy for safely transporting your tack from one place to another. For someone who likes to travel with their horse, having such cases to keep valuable saddles and bridles are essential.

Before you buy any saddle carry case, you need to make certain that you buy from the best source. An established company assures that you will receive best-in-class products which will provide long-term durability and value for money. This is exactly what makes Barn & Stable a trusted brand for superior horse care products. Barn & Stable was started to provide the equestrian with an industry leading and innovative line of horse care and protection products. Barn & Stable stands behind all of the products they offer.

Barn & Stable saddle carry case#100 is ergonomically designed to be efficient and effective at transporting and protecting your investment. The saddle case has two types of shoulder straps which allow you to carry your saddle in a way that is comfortable for you. It also has thick padding and smooth lining to provide the utmost protection for your saddle. The fully opening zipper makes loading even the largest saddle a snap. We are confident that the quality construction and attention to detail will surely surpass your expectations.

Barn & Stable halter bridle cases give you choices when transporting your tack. The # 160 case not only provides padded protection but also includes a convenient metal hanger with two swivel hooks outside. This allows you quickly place your tack within arm’s reach. Inside there are 3 nicely spaced hooks  and fully opening zipper that allow for quick placement and removal of bridle, halters, leads, lunge lines etc… The #150 case is an economical way to protect your tack. It is both spacious and attractive with three clips inside, fully opening zipper and padded flaps for added protection.

What Are Your Options For Protective Cases?

Our team understands the requirements of every rider and by carefully meeting the challenges; we bring you the extensive range of compact bags which makes travelling and protecting your tack simple and stress-free. Here are some of the best carry cases available at Barn & Stable.

  • Deluxe Saddle Carry Case #100- The case is designed with 600D outer shell and possesses heavy interior padding which safely transports and protects your saddle from damage.
  • Saddle Cover #106-If you are worried about scratches, dust & sun then Barn & Stable saddle cover will not disappoint you. Being manufactured from water-repellent 600D, this product ensures the complete protection from the dust, dirt, and sunlight.
  • Single/ Double Portable Saddle Rack #781 #782- A saddle rack helps keep your saddle case safe and in proper condition. The swivel hooks allow the rack to virtually be hung anywhere. Holes in the main frame also allow for permanent mounting in tack room or aisle.
  • Halter/Bridle case with rack #160- Made of 600D water repllent material this padded case protects your gear wherever you roam. The convenient hanger can be placed in trailer, as well as on fence or stall fronts. The fully opening zipper allows for easy access and front pocket holds accessories such as Chicago screws, leather laces, curb chains etc..
  • Halter/Bridle case #150- Made of 600D water repellent material this padded case keeps contents protected. This case is an economical way to protect your equipment. With fully opening zipper and 3 hangers with clips your gear will be organized and at the ready.

Find best quality horse supplies & riding accessories. Barn & Stable controls every facet of the product manufacturing. The rigorous quality supervision allows us to bring you the innovative line of qualitative products for horses on a continuous basis. Besides the cases, you can explore more creative products like grooming kits, leg protection, etc. from our platform