Vented Sport Boots- A Professional Choice for Horse Leg Protection

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Are you looking for the vented sport boots for your horse leg protection? If yes, then you are at the right place. Barn and Stable is a specialized organization registered in New York (NY) and also supplies various high-quality horse equipment (like, horse bridle bag, blankets, gear bags, grooming tool, etc) from New York at a reasonable rate.

We are the foundation of 20 years of experience and our product line never disappointed any of our customers in terms of quality and durability. This happens because we control every aspect of the products (i.e. from manufacturing to finish good and delivery).

A vented horse sport boots provide the ultimate leg protection for your horses while trail riding. In earlier days, the horse’s legs were protected by bandage, but today, all sorts of specialized boots are used for the protection of the ligaments and tendons in their leg.

Here are the certain traits of having a vented sports boots for your horse:

  1. Helpful to guard against external knocks
  2. Safeguard the delicate leg structure
  3. Absolute protection against injury or wound
  4. Support and protect the lower leg
  5. Provide good ventilation
  6. Flexible support to the fetlock and crucial ligaments

At Barn and Stable, these sports boots for horses are available in Black, Purple, Royal Blue, Red and White
color. They come in a different size- small, medium and large; prepared from high-quality materials. If you wish to purchase optimal equipment for your horses at a competitive price, then do reach our website- You’ll be delighted by exploring our huge list of innovative and durable products that we deliver for your four-legged friends.