SKU: 222-1-0

SKU# 222 Barn & Stable Deluxe Slow Feed Haynet  

Wanting to slow your horse hay intake?  Reduce boredom?  This hay net will slow your horses hay intake making for a more natural feeding experience.  Made of durable polypropylene cord, this net features 2” x 2” netting and measuring 42” long which can hold up to a ½ bale of a standard bale of hay.  This net will help to keep your horse(s) occupied reducing stable vices and promoting improved gut health when compared to not using slow feed nets.

 Available in Black, Royal Blue, Purple, Hunter Green. Sold each.

  • 2” holes slow intake reducing stable vices and better health
  • Durable polypropylene cord
  • Drawstring for easy hanging
  • Measures 42” long
  • Holds up to ½ of standard 2 string bale
  • Available in Black, Royal Blue, Purple, Hunter Green.
  • Large capacity slow feed hay net. Holds up to half of small square hay bale
  • Sold each